One team. One goal. Results. One team. One goal. Results.
Goldstein & Company provides effective and creative solutions to unique and complex issues without compromising zealous advocacy. The team at Goldstein & Company provides legal representation in areas that include aviation law, commercial disputes, commercial transactions, construction litigation, and administrative law.

Jason Goldstein, Esq.

Jason Goldstein is the principal attorney at Goldstein & Company who specializes in various areas of law, including but not limited to aircraft accident defense, construction litigation, aircraft sales and leases, and administrative law. Jason leads the firm with a relentless zeal to further his clients’ interests. Whether litigating in the courtroom or working through a transaction in the boardroom, Jason brings passion and years of experience in both areas to obtain positive results. Through extensive expertise and a keen ability to “step in the shoes” of any client, Jason is able to often resolve cases before clients experience the expense and burden of going to trial. Jason is not only an experienced trial attorney; he has also successfully handled appeals before federal and state courts.

Maria Piva, Esq.

Maria Piva is the managing attorney at Goldstein & Company who represents both domestic and international clients. Her practice focuses on but is not limited to, aircraft accident defense, construction litigation, complex commercial litigation, commercial transactions, and real estate matters. She applies “outside the box” thinking when working on issues, whether they be disputes or transactions, making her an asset to the firm. Maria applies her litigation experience to achieve the most effective results in Florida, Georgia and New York.

Joshua Saval, Esq.

Joshua Saval is an attorney at Goldstein & Company who focuses on complex commercial litigation, administrative proceedings, appeals, and bankruptcy. Josh brings years of experience handling complex cases from inception through trial. Josh’s excellent written and oral advocacy skills make him an invaluable member of the firm’s litigation team. Josh will work tirelessly to build the strongest case, thereby placing clients in the best possible position, be it for settlement, trial or appeal.

Isaac Furman, Esq.

Isaac Furman is an attorney at Goldstein & Company. His practice focuses on commercial transactions, complex commercial litigation, and aircraft accident defense. Isaac brings passion and tenacity to the practice of law. He is adept at parsing through complex legal issues to arrive at an outcome beneficial to firm clients.